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Family Owned and Operated


Oxbow Ridge Outfitters LLC was founded by Brett Randall and Scott Taylor in 2011.  Our passion is managing our land and the whitetail herd for an optimum  and sustainable hunting experience.  Minimal hunting pressure, intensive forestry management, strategically placed food plots, stands and blinds all work together to ensure our end goal, which is your success.




When you're after a mature whitetail buck, you can't cut corners.  Squeaky unsafe tree stands are unacceptable.  Our fleet of hang on stands have cast aluminum platforms that deliver silent stable performance in all conditions.  Ladder stand sites include 15' to 25' models and several two man options.  There are over two dozen permanent tower blinds to choose from, including Rutted Up, Rednecks, Banks, Shadow Hunter, etc.  




Every single tree stand is equipped with a safety line.  You will never be unattached while ascending into, hunting from or descending from one of our elevated tree stand sites.  All of the towers have hand rails and guard rails. There is no whitetail in the woods worth unnecessarily risking your personal safety. 




There's nothing quite like the rut and we specifically focus on rut archery hunts to take advantage of that magical time of year.  The Missouri rifle season coincides with the rut as well.  However, we have had tremendous success throughout the duration of the various Iowa and Missouri seasons.    


Antler Restrictions


No antler restrictions are placed on the buck you harvest. We want you to fully enjoy your experience without worrying about age class, inches, or extra fees during the moment of truth. The truest trophies are the memories you make with family and friends. 


Limited Pressure


We take a select few clients each year.  Many outfitters like to advertise how big their operations are.  Ours is small intentionally.  This allows us to focus on each hunt individually.  It creates a much more relaxed environment and better overall experience. 





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